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Bee The Change T-shirts Black

Bee The Change T-shirts Black

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Wear a T-shirt to show your support for our Bee the Change project!

Human elephant conflicts often end in violence between farmers and elephants – but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are peaceful ways to deter elephants from farmland that benefit farmers and biodiversity. A win-win solution!

Beehive fences can reduce crop damage by Asian elephants and generate supplemental income for farmers in Thailand. As such, they have the potential to prevent conflicts between people and the world’s largest land animals and establish new forms of peaceful coexistence. Bee the Change!

Our eco-friendly T-shirts are produced for us by the Katoenfabriek in the Netherlands. This guarantees that your T-shirt supports elephant conservation, with a minimal impact on people and the environment.  

This T-shirt will be sent from the Netherlands.

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