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Welcome to the Elephant & Co shop!
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Tom Yum project

Habitat loss and human-elephant conflicts are the main threats to Asian elephants. Deforestation limits resources and space for elephants. At the same time, many farmers grow crops that attract elephants, resulting in crop-raiding, and elephant and human injuries and deaths.

The Tom Yum project supports farmers to organically grow alternative crops that elephants don’t like, such as chillies, lemongrass, galangal, lime, garlic, cilantro, and other aromatic plants. Exactly the ingredients of the traditional and healthy Thai Tom Yum soup! After hosting creative workshops in the local community, the alternative crops are now used in a range of Elephant & Co’s boutique products, all with a unique conservation story! You find the first Tom Yum products here in our webshop, such as citronella candles in hand-carved coconut holders, stress-relieving lemongrass soaps and lime, ginger and chilli jams. 

The Tom Yum project helps to diversify local livelihoods, create employment for rural people, reduce violence towards elephants, and protect the ecosystems on which we all depend.