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Welcome to the Elephant & Co shop!
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 The Tom Yum project

Decreasing habitat and competition over space and resources have resulted in increasing conflicts between humans and elephants. Bring The Elephant Home tackles elephant conservation at the root by countering the human-induced causes of conservation challenges.

The Tom Yum project starts at the Tom Yum nursery, where the local communities works together to germinate seeds of crops which are unpalatable to elephants – instead of the highly palatable crops they grow presently. The diverse regenerative system with alternative crops increases biodiversity.

Proceeds of Elephant & Co go to restoring vital habitat for elephants and creating greater social, economic and ecological resilience. Together, we make peaceful coexistence possible!

Watch the beautiful video about the Tom Yum project that has been created by Our Better World! You can now purchase the first Tom Yum products that have been created in the community, such as citronella candles in hand carved coconut holders, stress-relieving lemongrass soaps and lime, ginger and chilli jams.

Learn more about our holistic conservation approaches at: Bring The Elephant Home