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Welcome to the Elephant & Co shop!
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Bee the Change

In 100 years, the number of Asian elephants has declined alarmingly. Decreasing habitat and competition over space and resources have resulted in increasing conflicts between humans and elephants. Bring The Elephant Home helps to increase the chance of survival for elephants by creating a world where humans and elephants can live together in harmony.

Farmers living alongside wild elephants are affected by crop-raiding elephants while receiving hardly any benefits from their presence. Our Bee the Change project offers a sustainable solution that benefits both elephants and people!

Beehive fences can reduce crop damage by Asian elephants and generate supplemental income for farmers in Thailand. They help to prevent violent conflicts between people and the world’s largest land animal and establish new forms of peaceful coexistence.
Support our Bee the Change project and buy a jar of
elephant-friendly Beeyond honey, fresh from our beehive fences!  

Enjoy this delicious honey and contribute to increasing the wellbeing of elephants and people!